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Krzysztof Wawrzyn, M.Sc.

Research Associate

About Me

As a Research Associate at Western University my primary responsibilities are to test and investigate the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environment effects on medical devices. I'm also responsible for:

(1) Managing an ISO 17025 testing and calibration laboratory.

(2) Planning and executing experiments and investigations.

(3) Managing multiple simultaneous projects.

(4) Managing the laboratory quality control system.

(5) Managing and training junior lab members and students.

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Notable Competencies:

  • MATLAB Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Signal Process/Analysis
  • Image Process/Analysis
  • Fourier Analysis
  • MRI Physics
  • FDTD Simulations
  • MS Access
  • Solidworks

Ongoing Professional Projects

Methods for Medical Device Testing to Measure MRI-Induced Effects

I developed and implemented novel laboratory procedures that comply with ASTM standards in order to measure the effects of medical devices which are exposed to the MRI environment.

Top Competencies Used:

Laboratory Testing

Data Collection

Uncertainty Analysis

RF-Induced Heating

MRI Safety Assessment

Select Outcomes:

Published ISMRM17: Abstract1 | Poster1 | Abstract2 | Poster2 | Abstract3 | Poster3

Published ISMRM18: Abstract | Poster

Computational Electromagnetic Simulations

I used finite difference time domain techniques to model the interaction of electromagnetic fields with physical objects and the MRI environment. The simulation models were developed programatically with Python API's to be automated and the simulated results were used to develop verification & validation (V&V) protocols, which are critical components of a quality management system such as ISO/IEC 17025.

Top Competencies Used:

FDTD Simulations




Verification & Validation

Select Outcomes:

Published ISMRM19: Abstract | Digital Poster

ISO 17025-Compliant Laboratory Database

I developed a quality management system in the form of a relational database that matches the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard requirements and laboratory needs.

Top Competencies Used:

MS Access


Quality Control

ISO/IEC 17025

Select Outcomes:

Pictorial: Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 |

Past Professional Projects

A Pulse Sequence For Xenon Gas Contrast MR Imaging

I demonstrated the viability of using a novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) pulse sequence for hyperpolarized gas lung imaging.

Top Competencies Used:


Image Processing

MRI Physics

Signal Processing

Statistical Analysis

Select Outcomes:

Published Thesis: Paper | Link

Published ISMRM15: Abstract | Poster

Published Paper: Coming Soon

Imaging Electro-Kinetics with Optical Coherence Tomography

I developed a novel protocol that showed the feasibility using optical coherence tomography to detect and image the electro-kinetic response in biological tissues.

Top Competencies Used:


Optical Coherence Tomography

Image Processing

Fourier Analysis

Select Outcomes:

Published Optics Letters: Paper

Published BioMED: Paper

Thesis: Poster

Personal Projects

Project Title

Short description text.

Top Competencies Used:

Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill 3

Select Outcomes:

Result 1: Download | Link

Result 2: Example 1 | Example 2